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Check out the latest tips for tenants and users of commercial real estate space. Learn about insurance provisions you must consider and what your landlord thinks about absentee tenants!
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    • Preparing The Attractive Loan Package

    There has been a sense of caution among lenders during the period of lowered economic activities. Bankers may be more difficult to convince today, even with the loan request on the best properties. When preparing the loan package for presentation to the lender, the real estate borrower must be as complete as possible the first time. Insufficient, imprecise, or incorrect data in a loan request package can mean a rejection for an otherwise attractive real estate loan.
    A Sales Presentation Of Your Apartment Property
    When we are marketing your apartment property, we have a two-fold job facing us. First, we must persuade the prospective buyer to go out to see the property, then, second, get him to see it though your eyes, with its full potential fully realized. Creating the well-conceived descriptive sales “package” or report on the property can help to accomplish both of these aims.

    • How A New Hospital Can Affect Property Values

    What happens to nearby property values when a new hospital is built? Usually the surrounding area feels a ripple effect. Land values increase. Developers are quick to provide new space for offices and stores. The biggest profits are realized by the investors who get involved early (during the planning stages) before or while the hospital is built.


    • The Assemblage Option

    The option is an extremely versatile investment tool that comes in a variety of forms and can be used for a variety of purposes. The best part of an option is that it gives the optionee (the party holding the option) control over property (in the sense of the right to acquire it) for a very small cash outlay. In effect, it achieves a very high degree of leverage and conserves cash, two goals sought by both real estate investors and real estate speculators.

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