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Check out the latest tips for tenants and users of commercial real estate space.
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    • Types of Apartments
      Here are a few tips on types of apartments and ways to invest in them. There are totally different types of tenants in these different kinds of units. Looking at an apartment property for investment, choose the type of property you want to own, and think about whereyour tenants will come from.
    • Who Really Buys Commercial Property
      When we represent a seller of a commercial property, we try to determine, as soon as possible in the marketing process, what type of buyer is most likely to be interested in this particular property. We then focus the main appeal on those elements that are most important to that type of buyer.
    • Inspecting Investment Property
      Property inspections on purchases is the cornerstone of smart investing.
    • Closing A Commercial Lease
      When all of the negotiations have been completed, broker and the commercial tenant have agreed to the terms of the lease. Now all that is left is the lease closing. Often there are so many back-up papers than must be produced, examined and approved, the closing can be held up because of a forgotten document.

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