If you are an end user of commercial real estate, it does not mean that you are not an investor. If your business plan calls for any type of real estate ownership, then you must think exactly like an investor thinks.

Of course most business operators know this but, often times they d not have the necessary time to brush up on all the issues.  As I have said before, it does make sense to hire help when dealing in these matters.  In most cases, that help can be an invaluable resource when moving forward with a lease or purchase.

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In this market, one of the perplexing questions commercial owner occupants or property investors ask is ‘where do I get financing?’. You may have found that perfect office to relocate your business, found an apartment complex with an attractive yield or just want to refinance you commercial property, just to find that banks are still reluctant to lend.

Although there are still products like construction/development loans that have not returned to the market,  investors are eager to lend on commercial properties. Most of the underwriting guidelines are different depending upon the property and loan type, which makes commercial financing more complicated.

So where is a good place to find such information? Contact Alan Mayhew at Capital Mortgage Group, 704-664-3611

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When I first heart this, I thought it was something from a fishing show. As I read further, I realized just how important this concept is to real estate buyers.  This describes the predicted shape of the recovery from this recession.  Predicting what may happen can be a huge benefit for investors deciding when and how to get into this market if buying real estate is part of your business plan.

See the different types of potential recovery shapes at this link:

The following business week article discusses the W shaped recovery prospects that we face. I invite you to search the Internet for descriptions of the different recoveries. 


The bottom line with respect to recovery shapes is to try and time the market. The good thing regarding the W shaped recovery, it that the bottom may exist at least a couple times and even it you do not time it just right, if you wait long enough, the property will go up in value (as long as your original fundamentals are right)! 

If you do not know the fundamentals of investing in real estate, STOP and do not move forward until you do.

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