Commercial Condos Are They For You

On December 18, 2013, in Newsletter, Tenant Tips, by Rob

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    • How to increase your property value
      We are certainly all looking for ways to increase income in the present market conditions. Sometimes the possibilities for changes are right before us. If you now own a commercial property or an apartment complex, you might try looking at the property with “new eyes” to see if you can spot any changes that could make you some extra rental income.
    • Types of commercial condos
      When the word condominium is mentioned, do you always think of residential properties? Of course, most condominiums are ones that people live in. But, let’s consider the other condominiums. There are all kinds. Any type of rental real estate can be converted to a condo.
    • How Aggressive Maintenance Prevents Problems
      Preventative maintenance is one of the most important components of successful property management.
    • What an asset manager does
      Owners of large portfolios of investment properties will usually call on asset managers when they need to make strategic business decisions involving management of these properties.

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