As the president and broker in charge of Carolina Realty Advisors, the basis of the business operations at my firm is a result of some research I completed while finishing my MBA. I conducted my research thesis on The effects of the Internet on the residential real estate market in Mecklenburg County. I learned some important facts about the future of the real estate industry in this market:

  • Real estate brokers will NO LONGER be the information gatekeepers.
  • Those consumers who embrace technology and apply it to their lives will benefit greatly over those who don’t.
  • Education will always be the most important asset in the real estate buying and selling process.
  • Buyers and sellers will look toward real estate brokers and agents for wisdom, consultation and guidance.

With these findings in mind, I developed this firm around today’s needs for clients in both residential and commercial real estate.

Depending on your situation, there may be a way we can help you with many of these issues. Let’s check to see if there is a fit. What we typically do is spend few minutes discussing your situation. You can tell me some details about your situation and I can explain what we do as it relates to your situation. At the end of the call, we can either decide that it makes sense to get together for a meeting or not. If there is not a fit, ‘No’ is OK too! Tell me more about what you are thinking for your investment!