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How to Prepare A Commercial Loan Request Package

This month’s newsletter has just been released! Check out the latest tips for tenants and users of commercial real estate space.

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    • How to Prepare A Commercial Loan Request Package

    When preparing a loan request package for presentation to the lender, the real estate borrower must be as complete as possible the first time. Insufficient, imprecise, or incorrect data in a loan request package can mean a rejection for an otherwise attractive real estate loan. Following are suggestions on things to include with the loan request package…..(more)

    • How Will A New Hospital Affect Property Values

    What happens to nearby property values when a new hospital is built? Usually the surrounding area feels a ripple effect. Land values increase. Developers are quick to provide new space for offices and stores. The biggest profits are realized by the investors who get involved early (during the planning stages) before or while the hospital is built. How It Happens….(more)

    • How To Matching Tenants To Apartments

    Property managers must always think about the type of tenant that is most likely to reside in that particular building. For example, when apartments in a project rent for lower monthly amounts per year, tenants will be concerned primarily with shelter. This means a safe, clean, efficient building but without frills and amenities….(more)

    • How To Create An Apartment Marketing Package

    When we are marketing your apartment property, we have a two-fold job facing us. First, we must persuade the prospective buyer to go out to see the property, then, second, get him to see it though your eyes, with its full potential fully realized. Creating the well-conceived descriptive sales “package” or report on the property can help to accomplish both of these aims.

    • The Assemblage Option

    The option is an extremely versatile investment tool that comes in a variety of forms and can be used for a variety of purposes. The best part of an option is that it gives the optionee (the party holding the option) control over property (in the sense of the right to acquire it) for a very small cash outlay. In effect, it achieves a very high degree of leverage and conserves cash, two goals sought by both real estate investors and real estate speculators…..(more)

How to Conduct Commercial Real Estate Lease Negotiations

This month’s newsletter has just been released! Check out the latest tips for tenants and users of commercial real estate space.

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    • A New Style of Corporate Lease Negotiations

    A few years ago, senior corporate managers were able to make major real estate decisions by themselves. Now, a negotiating team will negotiate leases. This team may consist of legal counsel, finance department representatives, outside specialists such as real estate brokers or tenant representatives, design and engineering consultants, and others…..(more)

    • The Master Lease–A Seller Guarantee

    Although office space is in supply in some locations, development has continued. Business leaders are optimistic about the long-term future. Unemployment shows a marked improvement and earnings reports by large corporations are improving…..(more)

    • Apartment Complexes Converted To Condos?

    The owners of many apartment buildings have found that rental prices have not changed much, and may be thinking about selling. The owner of an apartment complex, rather than sell, realizes the condominium conversion may be a good way to cash out the property….(more)

    • Land Development Agreements

    The acquisition and improvement of land is a large-scale operation and requires large amounts of capital. This has created methods of land acquisition that gives the developer access to and control over a large enough tract to make development economical without requiring an initial outlay of all of the capital necessary to acquire such a tract. From the point of view of the landowner, the disposal of a large tract at a good price may require a formula that will encourage the developer to commit improvement and development money for part of the tract that will build future value into the entire tract….(more)

    • Proper Management of Residential Condos

    Whether the condos are converted from apartments or built from the ground up, the builder-developer, the project lender and even the unit purchaser in a condominium project should all be concerned with the proper management of the project. Without good management, a project can quickly lose its value and begin a downturn….(more)

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