How To Control Property With The Lease Possible Expense

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    • Investing In Apartments – Who Is The Tenant?

    The demand for apartment rentals remains very strong. Although most people favor detached home ownership, many in the population cannot afford a single-family home.
    A new buyer of apartments must think “management”…….(more)

    • Upgrading Properties And The Benefits

    Many investors specialize in picking up run-down properties and renovating them for sale or lease. Profit can also be made in acquiring properties that offer extra land. It is sometimes possible to not only get your money back, but also make a profit on the sale of a remodeled house with a reduced amount of land (assuming the local zoning ordinances will so allow), while holding the additional land for long-term appreciation or building another house or small apartment on it. In addition, many larger houses that might otherwise be considered uneconomical can be trimmed down to accommodate a family seeking more spacious quarters. By reducing the structure’s surplus space, many sprawling houses can be made salable. It is also possible to buy a large house, remodel it to a duplex or more units (with zoning approval) and sell it with a good profit….(more)

    • How To Control Property With The Least Expense/li>

    The Purchase-Option- A purchase-option contract lets the buyer-optionee purchase a property at a specific price within a certain period of time. If the option is exercised, a closing is held and the property is purchased at the price previously agreed upon. There is no legal obligation to buy the property. But, if the optionee does not exercise the option, the deposit paid to the seller-optionor is forfeited. The biggest differences between the purchase-option and direct ownership may be two advantages from the viewpoint of the investor: First, the short term (6 to 24 month) purchase option contracts can be an outstanding way to control property without assuming the responsibilities of ownership. Second, the contract enables the optionee to receive all of the benefits from appreciation in market value of the property….(more)

    • How To Acquire Investment Land

    Land is always at the top of investments by real estate professionals. Before any building project can be planned, the land must be available. At all times, real estate assemblers are looking at and acquiring under-utilized sites within cities or in suburbs. Here are some ideas on how those professionals do it…..(more)

    • The Upkeep On Investment Property

    Keeping your property in top condition is not difficult if it is a continuing effort. There will be a plan in place for making ongoing improvements by investing a portion of each year’s income. Failure to do this will result in a neglected property….(more)

Why A Commercial Condo vs Free Standing Building

This month’s newsletter has just been released! Check out the latest tips for tenants and users of commercial real estate space.

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    • Hidden Profits In Unusual Real Estate

    In many metropolitan areas, commercial land for development is in very short supply. Developers are converting older warehousing to shopping areas, demolishing existing buildings to build new projects in areas in transition. However there may be many hundreds or even thousands of unusual parcels of property that have been overlooked. Many are ready for commercial development close to downtown areas, suburban commercial developments, and densely populated areas. Owners of many of these properties consider the property as “surplus” and have not considered development….(more)

    • Commercial Condo vs Free Standing Building

    Which is the better investment — a freestanding commercial building or a commercial condominium within a larger complex? Each has its own unique set of attributes, and so the answer really depends on the needs, goals and characteristics of the investor….(more)

    • Important Considerations When Negotiating A Sublease

    With changes in business strategies, some existing tenants wanted to sublease all or some of their rented office space to eliminate some locations and shrink operations in others. In this situation, the problem for landlords is whether it is a better strategy to enforce lease restrictions against subleasing or to work with tenants on the theory that the sooner cheap sublease space is filled, the better for all. (In addition, another problem could be whether landlords should insist on sublease restrictions in new leases being negotiated now.)….(more)

    • How To Acquire Land For A Project

    Acquiring land for development is necessary no matter what kind of market we are in. Professional real estate assemblers are always looking at and acquiring under-utilized sites within cities or in suburbs. Here are some ideas on how those professionals do it….(more)

    • How To Screen Prospective Tenants

    The property manager provides the tenant applicant with the lease application which must be filled out for the interview. A leasing agent may assist during the review process, but the final selection of tenants is ultimately the property manager and owner’s responsibility…..(more)

A Lease Closing Checklist

This month’s newsletter has just been released! Check out the latest tips for tenants and users of commercial real estate space.

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    • Lease Closing Checklist

    When all of the negotiations have been completed, broker and the commercial tenant have agreed to the terms of the lease. Now all that is left is the lease closing. Often there are so many back-up papers than must be produced, examined and approved, the closing can be held up because of a forgotten document….(more)

    • Apartment Property Considerations

    There are totally different types of tenants in different kinds of apartment units. When looking at an apartment property for investment, choose the type of property you want to own, and think about where your tenants will come from….(more)

    • Critical Investment Property Inspections

    When a buyer makes an offer on an investment property, it is usually only after a thorough inspection of all of the data that is available on the financial records of the building. Certainly, a good physical inspection is also made…..(more)

    • Who Are The Real Buyers of Commercial Real Estate

    When we represent a seller of a commercial property, we try to determine, as soon as possible in the marketing process, what type of buyer is most likely to be interested in this particular property. We then focus the main appeal on those elements that are most important to that type of buyer…..(more)

    • The Singles Apartment Market

    Investors who can provide the housing that satisfies the needs of the single tenant will stand to profit. We all know that the number of persons living alone has increased. Figures from the census bureau show that households that contain only one person have increased 90% since 1970. There are now more than 20 million people who live alone, more than twice the number of twenty years ago. This trend is expected to continue…..(more)